Shower niches

I have done many, many shower remodels over the years and one of the best installments any bathroom addition can have are shower niches. They are easily built into the 2×4’s and can be as tall as you like. It creates a wonderful storage solution for all your shower accessories and keeps them neat and tidy. Having shampoo bottles and soap all over the shower floor and shower seat just looks messy!

While this ledge (shown above) does provide some storage it limits you on overall storage space and can use up valuable shower space; not to mention looks messy. If the option is available always install cubbies to maximize on your shower solutions.

Another recommendation is to add a small shaving niche. If your shower is small and does not have a seat it can prove to be difficult to shave if you are a woman. Add a small cubby for your foot to make shaving comfortable and easy!

What are some of your favorite shower features?

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