Sharita Star’s mission is to guide people to better understand the tools of Astrology, Numerology and Lexigrams into a simple, yet powerful road map, so that they can achieve life success. As she puts it, “You already hold the keys to your success. Your name, and birthday simply unlock the door.

How to change your life through astrology |

Sharita Star – Design 101 Podcast

Our astrology charts give clues about whats up ahead – a way to navigate the waters with more awareness. Our numbers, and the vibrations of the numbers around us, give clues to patterns of who we are. Combine the two, astrology and numerology and you not only have a clear roadmap or what to expect, but a better explanation of how you are currently thinking, why you are the way you are and even specific preferences.

Today Sharita and I talk about

  • Saturn and turning 30
  • Cycles and how they affect our lives
  • Astrology and what it means to be in tune with Nature
  • How astrology relates to every aspect of our lives of money, career, relationships, health and more
  • The best ways to prepare for the ups and downs
  • Sharita’s top three tips
  • How understanding astrology leads to more fulfilling and aware lives.

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