It’s no secret, I love lighting. I especially love great lamps. In fact one of my favorite lines from anchorman is from Steve Carell exclaiming to Will Ferrell “I love lamp!” SO like an idiot my friends and I are always shouting that out laughing hysterically while on lookers have no idea what is wrong with us.

Lamps are like functional art. they give you light and decorate your room. Bam! It’s a win-win-win….or as Charlie Sheen says, Winning! Here are some of my favorite lamps with great features that are must-haves.

Sexy super model

From Curry and Co, this lamp appropriately called the affaire lamp has grace, bling and comes in at a whopping 34″ height; a must have for good reading light. Like a stunning super model on display in your home this is where function meets beauty.


The deauxville lamp from Jamie Young has it all, height, color and my favorite lamp shade, a barrel. Barrels give off more light and instantly update a space.

Robert Abby

I love color and Robert Abby is the king of colorful lamps. If you are afraid of color or not sure how to use it this is a terrific way to add that much needed pop to your neutral room. Not to mention a little whimsey!

Murry Fiess

For instant glamor and drama always choose black lamp shades. Most of our homes have beige walls. Beige shades blend while black pops. Great for living rooms and dining rooms.

What are some of your favorite lamp options?

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