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Many of us crave for something more in our lives. Whether it’s love, money, better family ties, peace in our career – whatever “it” is, it can be fixed through feng shui, a way of decorating with conscious intention. I’m not talking about crazy superstitions, or wacky charms. I’m talking real actions to change the energy and intentions in your home to help you achieve real results. A way of creating environments that are decorated to support you, uplift you and bring more balance into your life. I take what you already have and simply make it better. This is Feng Shui decorating on an energetic level, tailored specifically to you, your needs, and your desires. I want to help you create an organic, holistic space that restores you into pure bliss so that you can go out into the world ready to kick ass. Click here to see our services page.


Step 1: Contact us! We will ask you a few basic questions to make sure we are a potential fit and can help you with your project, and then we will send you a helpful questionnaire that helps us better understand what you are needing. Think of it as one of those fun self-assessment tests – it is not nearly as long as e-Harmony’s and you’ll get better results, promise! Click here to start the process.

Step 2: We set up a consultation time to have Amanda take a look at the real deal.  If it’s Feng Shui you need, the consultation will focus on your intentions. If it’s Interior Design that you need, Amanda will assess your space then draw up a proposal that is broken down with our three Phases of Service for you to choose from – you can choose one or all three, it is up to you to decide what works best for you.

Step 3: You sign on the dotted line and we get started making your dreams a reality.

WHAT WE DO (if you proceed with interior design)

Phase 1: The Conceptual Phase. Sounds pretty obvious, but this is where we come up with the entire concept for your room. Including fancy power points and a Pinterest board on steroids. This get’s all your to-be-attained items in one place ready for purchase!

Phase 2: Logistics & Procurement. This is the nitty-gritty where we handle all the actual purchasing of products and hiring of any contracted vendors necessary to accomplish the look described in Phase 1. This phase is the most time consuming as it can sometimes take months to achieve the desired results.

Phase 3: Installation. This is the huge payoff moment where you get to sit back and watch it all come to fruition. This is a job that sounds simple, but really requires a lot of know-how and timing to make it all work flawlessly. When done professionally, there are no loose ends and left over things to be done – the only thing left to do is enjoy! As simple as that, you now have a place you love to be in!

What We Do (if you proceed with Feng Shui)

Phase 1: Consultation via Skype or at your home. We will focus specifically on your intentions to declutter, organize and set up your space with the proper intentions in mind. We will select colors, discuss auspicious furniture placement, art, lighting, accessories, scents – everything to heighten the senses for your balanced home.

Phase 2: Follow-up appointment. In some cases clients like to work on a few intentions at a time in cleansing and changing their homes. We will determine a schedule to help you stay accountable and work on intentions together to help balance your home.

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