Are you struggling with money? Perhaps it comes in and goes right back out? I have found over the years that many people struggle with this dilemma and low and behold, it always shows up in their floor plan! But here’s the good news, everything is fixable. So if don’t have the best Feng Shui, and it’s screwing up your finances, Feng Shui can help. The most important thing is to know what to look for in your plan.

Secrets to attract more money with Feng Shui Tips

Below is a video where a recent client came to me and had this very issue. Money was coming in and going right back out. I’ll share with you why this is occurring and why she’s confused about what to do, along with what to look for in your own plan so that money can come in and stay!

Secrets to attract more money with these feng shui tips will help you understand why you are struggling with your finances. The number one thing to look for is disruptor #2, the shape of your home and why it matters! In most cases, if you’re struggling with money, you may be missing your wealth corner. Today, I share with you my feng shui secrets to better understand why you’re struggling with your finances, and what to look for to help you with your own money.

Secrets to attract more money with Feng SHui through a floor plan reading:




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