Can you believe that summer is almost over? Today is the Eclipse, making this a summer like none other here in Nashville. We are right in line of the full eclipse and I can’t wait to experience history with all my fellow neighbors. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a full eclipse making 2017 epic. However, it also means that summer is almost over.

What are some ways that you love to savor the last days of summer? That question is tough for me. I adore summer and count down the days till it arrives, however the fall just might be one of my favorite seasons. It holds so many traditions and of course the colors nature produces can be hard to beat. But I digress.

Let’s get back to the big question at hand, how will you spend the last days of summer? August is one of only two months out of the year where I feel like I have a full pass to play some much needed hookie and truly bask in self-care. As I write this I am returning from a three week hiatus in nature. I started off in San Diego, then flew up to Kripalu in the Berkshires and finished it off with a week at lake of the Ozarks.

As “busy” has become a status symbol for being important, self-care needs to become your religion. Our bodies are not meant for this constant high rate of speed, so let’s savor these last days together. Here’s a few of my favorite things that I love to use to make me feel amazing, help me slow down, and really take care of myself. Its good to be indulgent!



Bring your skins eco system back into balance with this kombucha filled mist. It’s amazing! Find it here, Renew Mist.

Hydrating yogurt mask, one of my favorite things to travel with to remove tired, jet lagged skin. This stuff works miracles. You can find it here, Hydrating Yogurt mask.

Great for perking up skin and it smells oh so good. You can find it here, Coconut Citrus Scrub

A must when traveling and out in the sun, everyone needs a good, all-natural sunscreen like this one from Suntegrity. You can find it here, Mineral Sunscreen.

I write about this hair masque a lot and it’s because I love it. I am religious about putting this on my hair weekly. It smells so good and restores my locks back to health. A few days at the pool, lake or beach and you’ll thank me for this masque! Find it here, Yarok Hair Masque.

The days leading up to Labor Day can be bitter sweet, but for most of us we welcome in fall with open arms. Enjoy this epic day, and year and be sure to take time for yourself!


(a few of the above products are sponsored by the kickass team 
over at Follain, the premier all-natural company that guarantees 
they have vetted all their products and made a promise to you that it’s safe. We love them and hope you do too!)