So if you are just tuning in, I have started posting a remodel in real time, to let you my readers see what a remodel is really like. I have done many remodels in my 12 years of business and I am still surprised at how many people do not fully understand the process. And that is OK. That is why I am posting this series. Where it becomes an issue is when you land in my office ready to get started, with “X” amount of dollars in your pocket and three weeks to spare. Remodels require a lot of money, time, and patience! Things inevitably go wrong, always, and the process is always slower and more expensive than people expect.

In week two, a new floor had to be put down, reinforced and walls had to be constructed.

1) Original floor, once old tile, had been pulled up and all plumbing ripped out.

Cleaned up floor

Original old floor

While floors and walls were being constructed and placed, we met with a plumber to determine plumbing placement, shower wall niche placement and met with the cabinet builder. We are having custom vanities made to look like furniture. Cabinet builder will have professional drawings to me this week that he drew from my chicken scratch. Here is the overall concept:

Custom cabinet

This will have to be modified because the vanities are separated. Hers will have drawers on both sides with sink in the middle, and his will have one bank of drawers on the right side and sink on the opposite side. This drawing above is from an antique chest of drawers I saw that I modified into a vanity. Paul the cabinet maker will actually make all this work. I do concepts and crazy ideas, my peeps around me make it happen.

2) New walls were constructed.

New shower wall

3) New floors were laid.

New floor

New floors

All in all a pretty good week, but not with out another hiccup. Kohler faucets that we were planning to reuse are completely corroded and brass fittings busted. Two new Kohler faucets, (the ones client wanted) will dent our budget $1200. An unexpected expense because we selected a more expensive tub thinking we had faucet dollars to spare!

Up next we will determine our lighting plan for master bedroom and master bathroom. I will need to completely space plan the bedroom to determine the best placement for lights, and the bedroom currently looks like this:

Current master bedroom

Current master bedroom

This is where working with a professional really saves you time and money. Most homeowners struggle with all the infinite details and decision making. It is very hard to see a bedroom like this, and envision a beautiful space three months down the road. Having a professional to get you to that light at the end of the tunnel, and help you make tough decisions is worth their weight in gold. Even if you do not want to work with a professional designer through out the whole process, hiring one to consult with you will really give you peace of mind, and help you sleep at night!

Here, I drew up a quick draft of  the bedroom in CAD, so that the electrician and I could determine light placement over the bed. Having lights strategically placed over the bed, with dimmers, is a great way to have overall reading light, without disturbing your spouse.  We have a preliminary switching plan of where all switches will be placed but nothing is set in stone until the furniture plan is drawn on the floor and the homeowner can walk the space.

Rough bedroom plan

So there you have it. If you missed week one, click here.


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