We are on to week 8! T-minus 2 months and counting. Still think you are ready for that remodel? Well the good news is, most of you are! Remodels can be challenging, but the reward of an updated, beautiful space is more than worth the wait! Mrs S has been more than patient, and has done a fabulous job of keeping her cool when the unexpected happens. And that is the number one tip I can give to any homeowner. No matter what space you redo, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, sunroom, etc., nothing will be perfect. Keep your cool, be prepared to have hiccups, and have someone to help you get through it with expert solutions!

This week in out remodel we got our first coat of primer up, tile installation began and the lights went live!

1) Primer

This week the first coat of paint primer went up on the walls. The primer was suppose to give me an idea if I liked the paint and help Ritchie prep his beautiful walls.

Paint primer

OK, so really lousy picture. Ritchie has a lame Black berry for a phone…not a ‘cool like me’ iPhone, so this is what you get (above). So far so good. The color is Sherwin Williams, Tradewinds, and I am REALLY liking it!

2) Tile installation began.

The shower is going to be installed first. Why? Well our tile was backordered until August, and then we had to……*scratch that*…….. I HAD TO come up with a solution, so while that tile has been ordered and then cut…the shower gets the love. The tile I chose for the shower floor:

Marble basket weave

Mrs. S shower floor

Mrs S shower floor

Bathroom wall

Yup, that’s the bathroom wall starting to be installed. This is compliments of Richie’s crap black berry. Obviously if I had taken it with my awesome iPhone it would be visible, and not look like a near death hallucination.

3) Cabinet door

Remember my snazzy drawing?

AB HOME Interiors

Well today I approved, with some minor changes the cabinet door style and paint. The paint has been changed to Alabaster (shown below), and I want the wall color painted in the crevices. This is what I got:

AB HOME Interiors

Ummm,… Houston we have a Pa-rob-lem!! Unfortunately, this is not what what I wanted. The blue is suppose to be a VERY, VERY small detail so it accents the walls. Painter did not get it right. This as Ritchie put it, looks like he rubbed comet cleaner into it…could’t agree more! I {heart} Ritchie. He so gets me! SO back to the drawing board with the painter….results TBD!

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