Stained doors

Last week Mrs S was on vacation. I wanted to mention this because my inbox was flooded with emails from concerned readers wanting to know what happened to the series! Afraid they had missed something. No need to worry, we are back on schedule!

For those of you following this remodel you know that our latest hiccup was the doors. As the story goes in my line of business:  “it will be two weeks.” But then two weeks comes and goes and it suddenly becomes another “two weeks.” At any rate our two week turn around for doors turned into almost five. So all of us were thrilled when they got here!

Mrs S and Co. immediately poo-poo’d the idea of the stained doors, but I am not past begging and pleading if I know it is perfect for the design. Ritchie, accustomed to working with me silently raised an eyebrow and just couldn’t envision it. But he trusted my judgement and when they went in today, everyone was thrilled with the idea of staining them! Yay!

Mrs S and Co. doors

Stained walnut doors will be THE epitome of luxury and decadence in this refined bathroom. The perfect solution to grounding the space, warming it up and adding that touch of elegance……………..but then the grim reaper ALWAYS has to play the devils advocate and ruin everything. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is how it unfolded:

Monday: The doors are here! The doors are here! YAY!!!

Tuesday: The doors are hung! The doors are hung! They are awesome Yay!

Wednesday: Ring, ring, ring ( 7:02 AM)  Amanda-“Helloooo”………..”Ummmm, Amanda, it’s Ritchie we have a problem……”    Amanda- “What do you mean we have a problem, what’s going on?”………Ritchie- “Ummm, you may want to check your email and get over to Mrs S and Co. ASAP!”……..

This is what I EXPECTED to see, and what I had PLANNED for:

Mrs S and Co. doors

Mrs S and Co. doors

If I were decorating a barn these would be superb….unfortunately I AM NOT DECORATING A DAMN BARN!!!!! The manufacturer sent THE WRONG doors. To make matters worse the painter thinks these were actually rained on, which is causing the stain to speckle and adhere to the doors inconsistently. I WANT TO CRY!!!

The manufacturer can replace the doors………………..but it will be another five weeks! Mrs S and Co. cannot wait another five weeks. Or rather they REFUSE to wait another five weeks, so the only thing we can do is CRY……..and just paint them! Tune in next week when I share the custom vanities that I designed….and painted doors…..

Harley the cat

“Don’t worry mom, paint will be purrr-fect!…..oh wait that’s me!”

Come and join me and all my adoring fans!