So the bathroom in all it’s beautiful glory has come to a screeching halt. Remember in the very beginning of this remodel……way, way back to the beginning when we had various hiccups pop up that slowed things down? Well hiccups, unfortunatley are a part of the process. Never wanted, but always a part of the process. Almost like a test from the universe saying “How bad do you really want this remodeled bathroom? Enough to wait a week…perhaps two weeks…and then a few more weeks for doors???”

Custom doors

Mrs S delayed on her decision with the doors. She was uncertain if she wanted to paint or stain the doors. From the get-go I wanted the doors stained. I feel that with so much light tile, light paint and soft hues in the bathroom overall, that warm walnut doors would really ground the space. But she wasn’t sure. Ritchie delayed in ordering until she knew what she wanted to do. We decided to get stain grade…that way, Ritchie can paint a door and stain a door and Mrs S can decide on the job which one she likes. However, the door order went in fairly late, and now the door company is giving us hell!

The doors come in from a small town in Conneticut. They ship the doors in parts and peices for easier transport, and then they are assembled in a factory here in Nashville. The problem with all of this is, we are now two weeks behind schedule, and the doors are STILL in Conneticut…..despite the fact that they were suppose to be in NASHVILLE two weeks ago. Minor logistical problem. To add to the hiccup soup, (ever tried it? it’s super fun and sour!) Mrs S and Co are leaving for vacation…for two weeks! Meaning, nothing will be getting done for two weeks!! They don’t want construction going on in their home while they are gone. So we may be getting into the end of September before this remodel sees the light of day.

In the meantime, Mrs S had her floors in the bedroom laid, and stained and that is about all that can be done. Trim, paint and vanities will have to be on hold until the magical doors arrive. Without them everything else is on hold….

Master bedroom floors

Master closet off the master bath

All in all despite the disappointment that the doors still are not here, the floors look amazing. We kept a 3″ wide plank to match with the rest of the home. The stain will be a warm walnut and should be completed later this week.


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