Can you believe it’s been three months? I have to say I am loving all of your comments. I have been doing this for 12 years and I approach every project as if certain things are known, completely forgetting that this is my 400th remodel, and possibly your first!  Mrs S will ask me a question that if I were in her shoes, I would want to know too, however, since the entire blueprint is in my head it’s as if everyone including Ritchie can just crawl in there and grab what they need. Unfortunately I am not programmed like google to spit out facts at all hours of the day and night. I typically need to be present to share my hard drive. But it is a valuable lesson for me. As a designer I always give progress reports to my clients. I hate surprises, and I hate working with someone who is considered an expert in their field ( whatever that may be-A mechanic, graphic designer, insurance agent) and they fail to clue me in on what is happening with my project, and dollars. Not to mention I hate having to contact someone, when I have already reached out to them once before. ( But I digress) My point is, I do my very best to keep everyone, especially my clients in the loop. But I cannot help but laugh at myself when I diligently cross every “T” and dot every “I” and I forget to share something as simple as: How to clean the shower door. Believe it or not, even me the Queen of simple and easy can make things too complicated!

This week seemed to come and go in an instant and we are being held up by doors. Tile completed, we now await for the doors that were suppose to be in on Friday……and then Monday…..and now they will be here this Friday. Vanities are due to be completed at the end of this week and then the jewelry ( better known as plumbing) can start to go in! yay!

1) Tile

Completed shower

Here is the completed shower. You’ll notice blue tape inside of the shower on certain tiles. After an item has been installed Ritchie and the homeowner (Mrs S) go through everything to make sure everything is up to par. Blue tape shows the installer what needs to be fixed, and typically has notes on each piece.


I am so pleased with the way this came out. From my chicken scratch (shown below) to the completed project.

Chicken scratch

Shower ceiling

This was an ‘on site’ decision. The tile originally was planned to stop at eight feet. (About 14″ shorter than shown) However, since I wanted Ritchie to raise the ceiling to make the shower feel more expansive, we had to decide if we wanted the tile to stay at eight feet, and have open dry wall above it, or tile the whole box…I think we made the right decision!

2) Floors

Finished Floor

How many times can I show off the floor? I am thinking as many times as I want. Here is the completed floor….again……but I just love how it turned out. The marble is stunning and the border equally so. Now we continue to wait for the doors, and vanities, but no time is lost because the floors in the bedroom are going down.

3) The Bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

While the bulk of the construction has taken place in the bathroom, the bedroom has been the hub of activity for tools, tables, and stuff. All of this will be removed to lay the floors, and once they are laid they can be stained. Tune in next week to see it completed!

That is week 13.


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