Ok so as I explained in Monday’s post, every Wednesday I will post updates to our Master bedroom/Master bathroom remodel, as is unfolds in real time.  Mrs. S and I met on April 7 to review my overall design concept. In this meeting I go over the overall look and feel of the space, and express the vision I have for the space to the client. At this meeting critical decisions are made about colors, finishes, door styles, counters, and types of patterns and styles the client prefers. This is a tremendous stepping stone not to skip. This puts everyone on the same page and gives us focus BEFORE we start purchasing. That way when you enter that tile store you know exactly what to ask for and don’t get swept away in the five hundred other choices that will only overwhelm you. Once this meeting took place we had an overall vision for the space and could get to work.

On April 13th Mrs. S and I met to select our tile. This meeting took three and a half hours….and I had all the tile drawings complete, quantities prepared and a particular stone already selected. So what did we do? We went to three different tile locations to review and select the best options for the overall design. But all three places needed to get pricing to us. SO if each place had the same or similar product, we requested pricing to see which product, and vendor met our budget.

After this meeting Mrs S flew to Hong Kong to watch her son get married. When she returned demolition started on May 9th. A few days later Mrs. S and I selected all of our plumbing. She currently has Kohler fixtures that are 25 years old, and they are in perfect condition (and Kohler still carries them!) so we worked around those existing pieces. This meeting took us about an hour and a half. I recommend going to a store that has their fixtures plumbed to a working plumbing line so you can see the differences in tub functions, shower heads, and running toilets.

May 9th-13th

Demolition begins:

Her vanity ripped out

Tub demo

His vanity

1) First hiccup

Floor was first issue that arose. It was laid down with concrete and wire mesh. So instead of the anticipated 1/2 day tear out, it took almost two days.

2) Second  hiccup

When carpet was torn up from bedroom, bathroom and closets we found this…..

Turns out it wasn’t mold. The silicon in the carpet was deteriorating and turning into balls of tar-like substance….weird! But this delayed us a day because we had to confirm it wasn’t mold.

So there you have it. Week one of the remodel. Next week I will post our next phase of the project. If you have any questions at this point don’t hesitate to send us comments.


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