Baths are meant to be relaxing. A kind of pampering treat, if you will. A lot of people don’t think they have time to take a nice relaxing bath and to be honest I call bull crap on that. I’m always busy whether it’s working, going to meetings, scheduling, or planning things, me and my mind are always going full speed. Recently I spent one Sunday on the couch watching some mind numbing reality shows (my guilty pleasure – don’t judge me). On the outside I completely appeared to be a bum on a lazy Sunday. In reality? I was barely paying attention to the TV. I was either on my phone responding to my never ending emails, scouring for ideas for a charity event I’m hosting, or sketching out plans for the platforms I’m building for said event. Only I can make a lazy day productive.


So long story long – I’m one busy lady, but I make the time every day to take a bath. Yes, you read that correctly, I take a bath every day. Why? Because I love them, they relax me, and (for the most part) they are one of the only times I get to myself without annoying distractions or interruptions. I highly recommend you carve out even 20 minutes at least once a week to soak in a bath. It does a soul good, I promise you.

To help relax you can light a candle or two, pour in some bubble bath, or drop in a bath bomb to give the bath a more luxurious feel and calming effect of the aromas. You can even make your own bath bombs. This way you control what goes into them so you can avoid using any chemicals that generally come in the store bought ones. They really take very little effort and time to make… perfect for the gal on the go! Here are a few DIY recipes for bath bombs I recommend you give a try!

diy bath bombs


DIY Bath Bombs by Something Turquoise 
Photo Credit: Something Turquoise


Pear Bath Bombs by Simply Designing
Photo Credit: Simply Designing

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