One of the greatest things I acquired after my divorce was a true sense of mindfulness. I started to slow down, go to yoga, eat better and live a life of true meaning. I started to notice that foods tasted better, colors were brighter, and friendships were more pure than they had ever been. Without realizing what exactly it was, later I learned I was living a life with intention.

Rediscovering life through intentional living

Rediscovering life through intentional living

  • What is intention? Intention is paying attention to the tasks of the day. Being aware, and present in every thing and removing yourself from autopilot. It has been said that 47% of the time humans operate on autopilot. Skirting through the day without really paying attention.
  • Why live this way? We are spiritual beings here to grow and expand so through intent we make our growth more meaningful. The mission is not to endure, but thrive.
  • Why does it matter? In this ever-changing world that has become careless and distracted with things that have little substance, intent helps us approach life with curiosity and not negativity.

In my new book, Detoxing Clutter With Feng Shui, which comes out in March, I show people how to have a love affair with living more mindfully and intentionally. To slow down and really enjoy all those moments.

An except from the book:

Intention teaches us to forgive, have an attitude of gratitude, practice compassion for others and find friendship with imperfection. This allows us to disqualify a life on impulse and instead live a beautiful life on purpose. With intent you will discover who you are to the core, honor Mama Earth, and hold an attitude of gratitude for everything and everyone around you.

Find the beauty in all things, appreciate all that you have and love up you family like there’s no tomorrow. Interested in the book? Want to know when it’s out? Sign up for the book launch website here to get updates!

detoxing clutter with feng shui

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