I am excited to get started on my latest project, a ranch renovation in Murfreesboro. The challenge of this renovation is our budget. I have a TOTAL of $30K to spend on the entire project. This includes renovating a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and repainting. This may seem like a large budget, but consider the cost of all materials (including a NEW kitchen), me and a construction crew. Unfortunately, this isn’t HGTV so the 40+ crew does not come free. Since the kitchen is in need of the most renovation I will budget the most dollars per square foot here. The current kitchen:

AB HOME Interiors

The existing layout is stupid. The refrigerator sticks out too far in the room, the hood over the oven is so slow you have to crawl under it to access the switches and the diswasher is off to the side making it cumbersome to load. All around a very dysfunctional use of space.

Existing layout

The plan

My plan is to open the kitchen up and make it more user friendly. The problem with this layout is the addition of an island adds cost. Typically a room and kitchen of this size would need a budget of $40,000. My total budget is 30, and that needs to include other rooms. Contractor comes out Friday to give us an estimate on construction materials, and a budget break down which he and I will go over next week……So stay tuned as this project unfolds!

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