About a week ago I posted about my Ranch Renovation project down in Murfreesboro, Tenessee. Demolition started this week and no good remodel comes without punishment.Seriously, it’s always something! Especially when dealing with a home that is forty years old…..demo is when you get to see all the shit that every homeowner has put into their home. Some good, but without a doubt it’s like entering into the twilight zone. So put on your goggles, grab a sledge hammer, and stay optimistic….it’s all you’ll have to get you through the next eight weeks of your life, well that and vodka.

Existing kitchen

The hope and the plan was to salvage the existing wood floors under the beautiful linoleum (shown above in a lovely beige, cream and green combo) Working with such an extremely tight budget we REALLY needed to salvage the existing wood floors….but thank god for optimism and vodka because we had NO SUCH LUCK!

Demo of floors

It was layer, after layer, after layer of multiple, linoleums, VCT, more linoleum and staples. And each layer got worse. So as much as I had hoped to save on the floors, the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s all came back to haunt us. Luckily I have a plan! Stay tuned….next week I will announce the floors, lighting plan and new island placement…oh we are getting to the good stuff!

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