Every year I take on one project for a deserving family to give them the home of their dreams. This year it was this ranch renovation. With a very tight budget and time line it was a tall order. But the butcher block went into the kitchen a few weeks ago and the house is ready to be loved on and lived in.

When I walked the home for the first time it was apparent that little had been done to it over the years. The kitchen and baths were in there original state of dysfunction and disrepair. It needed a lot of love and attention to bring it into the 21st century. It also needed to be updated for an active and growing family. The original layout of the kitchen:

The biggest change needed to occur to the kitchen. The original design was hard to move around, it was clunky, and the hood over the stove made it very difficult to turn the oven or burners on. If you weren’t careful you’d bend down to turn it on and slam your head into the hood…all very dysfunctional. It also was not an ideal layout for an active family. The fridge was too big and hanging out as an island on the other side of the kitchen and it got in the way of walking to the laundry room. Did I mention that all of this was dysfunctional? So I came up with a grand plan that started out like this:

We hit a lot of hiccups along the way….

But all in all I’d say it was worth the long nights, dust and hotel rooms. The transformation is amazing and functional:

Before Ranch Renovation

Ranch renovation week 1

Ranch renovation Week 2

Ranch Renovation week 3

Ranch Renovation week 4 and 5

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