It’s that time of year again. When the trees begin to turn, the foliage begins to thin out and the weather shifts from warm to cold. It is a magical time of year and according to most, probably their favorite time of year. The fall captures family and joyful memories for many people making it a great time to redecorate. Here are five quick and easy tricks to update your home for fall:

1) Pillows

Put summer brights into the closet and add pillows around your home in warm fall colors. Burnt orange, slate blues, earthy grays and warm golds are a great way to update your home quickly and easy. Such colors bring the out doors in and also give added comfort for the many nights in on cooler nights.

2) Quilts

Plush quilts are a great way to add warmth and color to your fall decorating scheme. Many quilts have wonderful patterns and add a feeling of comfort and “home” to a space in an instant. Choose quilts that have many fall colors but don’t necessarily match your everyday interiors.It is better to choose quilts that coordinate instead of match to give your space a more collected and homey feel, perfect for the holiday season.

3) Art

A quick and easy way to add fall color to your space is through inexpensive art. One of my favorite things to use for inexpensive art is paint chips. They are easy to find, and really versatile in all sorts of mediums. Whether you choose to completely frame them or apply them directly to canvas it is the easiest way to update your art and home with the feeling of fall.

4) Baskets

Seems like a simple thing, but adding baskets to your home adds warmth and functionality. Filled with blankets or easy reading like magazines, baskets add texture and an element of wood which is perfect during the winter months. Place them around the home in nooks, next to chairs or under tables.

5) Making Scents

Vintage White Milk Glass Hobnail Scalloped Decorative Bowl - Candy Dish

Etsy Dish

Take a decorative dish (like this one above, from Etsy) and create a wonderful DIY homemade air freshener. One of my favorites scents is peppermint but you can use any essential oil that creates an aroma that you love. For me, peppermint adds a fresh and invigorating smell that reminds me of the holidays. It is also safe for kids and pets!

AB Home’s Peppermint Dish

3 Tbsp Vodka (non flavored)

3 Tbsp vinegar

30-45 drops peppermint oil

Combine all ingredients in an attractive dish and place in living room, or any room that needs fragrance for an instant air freshener.

All simple and easy tips to update your home for fall. What are some of your favorite things you do to update your home for the holidays?

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