Now that you’ve got ideas on how and what is needed to put together your new backyard getaway, it’s time to pull it all together. There is so many ways for you to do this very thing, and I’m going to highlight the best ways, at least in my opinion. What you’re going to want to look for when doing this is what type of personality and vibe you want your space to give off.

Mosaics and feng shui gardens are amazing ideas. I can’t really lead you here though people, rather all I can try to do is help inspire you! Pulling it together is the most intimate part – where every decision made has to be entirely your own for the space to feel exactly how you want it to feel.

Also remember that anything you choose to do at this point should tie in with whatever color scheme you are going for, or have going. Although, if you’re feeling like your space needs to be even more unique, you could use contrasting colors to create a very unique look – just be sure it’s not something you will regret later down the road!

Mosaics – A mosaic can be a great, fun way to make your space wholly unique. It’s also a good way to get the rest of the family involved as you put together your new piece. I’ll put some simple and more complex examples below that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

Feng Shui – Ah, the tranquility of a Feng Shui Garden. Yes, they may not be for everyone, but for those of you looking for that bit of calm and piece in your space, a Feng Shui Garden is an excellent, low-maintenance option. Gather yourself some nice leafy plants/trees, somewhere to sit, and some beautiful grass and you’ll have the makings of an entry-level feng shui garden.

The options are nearly endless here guys and gals, so use that imagination! Every little thing you do from here on out makes this space that much more unique from every other backyard in America and around the world.

Before I leave you for this series, I just hope that I’ve helped put you on the path to Luxurious Outdoor Living. Please feel free to send questions to Amanda, because she will get them to me. Being outdoors has a profound effect on not only our personality and mood, but also the people we feel we are, and the people we want to be, so make this an enjoyable journey, don’t stress over the small things, and make sure you work within your budget, not the other way around.

There’s nothing wrong with your backyard being a work-in-progress for a long time, as long as you’re actually working on it, even if in small bits at a time. This is Ashleigh Lynn saying one last time that planning is 9/10th’s of the battle guys and gals, and I mean that! Check and recheck everything you do before you spend any money or place anything in concrete!

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