Awnings, Chairs & Toys – Oh My!

If you’ve already got a solid foundation, or have just gone through step one, then let’s get on to the next part!

Foundation and surrounding beauty are important, but what’s the point of them if there is nothing filling in your new area. Here we’re going to talk about some options you have for making your space more than a pretty face.

As I said before, having a clean slate to work with is definitely best, but for those who already have a backyard with trees, toys, and all the other good stuff that we store in the backyard, don’t worry.

Adding something like a gazebo or awning can not only reduce the temperature dramatically in your backyard sanctuary, but also add a nice bit of stylistic flair to your area. When it comes to choosing an awning or gazebo, think about how it will fit in with your current furniture, or how you want it to mesh with your new stuff.

You can buy one that just needs some assembly, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can always build one yourself, but that’s a how-to for a different article! =)

When it comes to outdoor patio furniture, think about your style. Are you chic? How about a hipster? Whatever you would consider yourself; be sure you find the right furniture for you! With so many options like; modern, rustic, colorful, metal, wood, wicker, plastic, the choices are nearly endless. I personally love the modern design with the clean lines and simple yet effective design, but too each their own. Search around the Internet, and find your perfect furniture. It’s even better though, if you can check it out in person!

All those things are pretty and can be functional to an extent, but what about those of you who just want something fun for your new backyard area? A couple really good options for the kids would be a trampoline, swimming pool, or even a playground – how fun!

What about the adults you say? A couple great options include a barbecue, (a necessity) a water fountain, fire pit, or even something as simple as some netting and misters for the inside of your new gazebo. If you’ve never sat underneath a netted gazebo with misters, you’re missing out on a luxurious experience in the middle of summer! For those of you who like to drink a little, think about adding a bar or even a wet bar to your little piece of paradise, just remember that if it’s not child appropriate or safe for children, to take the necessary precautions to avoid injuries. It’s all fun and games until a young’un gets hurt. Stay tuned for more on Outdoor 101 how-to’s!

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