As Mondays always approach at warp speed…and Fridays seem to run in the opposite direction, I decided to share some great organization tips in an unlikely medium: food! As Spring approaches, and we shed a layer or two of clothing, we are graced with warm weather B-B-Ques, get-together’s, and plenty of excuses to eat. Here are some terrific ways to multi-task your way to a full belly!

1) Cupcakes on a stick:

Cupcakes on a stick

How fun is this? From Sweet Paul magazine, this idea keeps your party goers filled with surprise and excitement. Easy to eat, and a throwback to our child hood.

2) Old favorite in a new way:

Eggplant fries

From use real butter, courtesy of the Hungry Mouse, the perfect appetizer for an afternoon of family chit chat and relaxation. Easy to make, tasty, and healthier than it’s potato counterpart. And wrapping a small portion in wax paper stuffed into a cup is the perfect casual presentation for your guests, and hints at appropriate portion control!

3) Beer multi tasking at it’s finest!

Beer drinking multi tasker

Oh my holy heaven I think this is brilliant. Talk about having your beer and drinking it to! The GO plate, from Keg works, makes the party practical, and you never have to set your drink down again! And works with all types of drink bottles. Absolutely brilliant!