Well here we are already into April! I swear the older I get…well the older I get. But my point was more directed at the fact that I was just popping some fine bubbly for New Years and it is already April. I swear I will blink and the holidays will be three months away. happens. Every. Year!

1) Funnel your twine

Twine in a funnel

From the Queen herself, yes I am talking Martha Stewart, is little ingenious idea. For anyone who gardens, or crochets this could save a bundle of twine…heheh I mean time!

2) Toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls

Compliments of Storage and glee, it just doesn’t get any simpler than this. An average household frees up a toilet paper roll every other day. In my office it’s everyday, and I thought they were just great toys for Harley! Use them to store cables efficiently and organized for easy access.

3) Flexible filing

Flexible filing

Anyone who has an office knows how quickly the paper monster takes over. This little system is brilliant. Hang anywhere, and like that foldy thing that goes in your closet, these stack neatly on the wall, on top of one another, and all you do is lift when you want a particular file. I think this would be great in a mudroom. Families are busy and this would be a great way to keep schedules, appointments and “life” organized. By wester village design.

Which is your favorite idea?


Yup, I’m pretty freakin’ awesome. I know this. SO why are you questioning me?
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images: Storage and glee

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