Over the last month our office has been in the dust, literally. We have been in the midst of a remodel shifting items from one side of the studio, to the other and then back again. And as you can imagine, it’s close to a nightmare trying to stay organized with this chaos. Now more than ever I am craving organization, and a swiffer!

Luckily for us the major things are done and we can get back to work! It was a great week, we started to get the paint up on the walls, the phones back in place and I got to meet one of my readers, Gretchen and her husband! They own a lovely home here in town that needs some Design TLC, so my team and I will be heading to their home this week to share in the design love. Can’t wait! Here are some of our tips to keep us on track with our organizational goals.

1) Antique cabinet:

Antique cabinet

Antique cabinets like this are great to help get you organized. Ever heard the term, “Hiding in plain site?” This acts as a great piece of furniture in your home but quietly doubles as an organizational ninja. This can easily organize bills that are due, kids projects, monthly events, and much more. Once you have the system in place it is easy to follow, and a cabinet like this makes it fun, really!

2) Cord management:

Cord management

I see this more as a temporary solution, but this system by  Oboiler is super easy to put in place, and covers your cords in a snap. It’s a charming way to avoid unsightly cords and I think this would be great in an office where cords take over. I could even see these painted in fun colors to add an extra unexpected detail.

3) Office envy

Pottery barn organization system

I wish I could claim to be THIS organized…..but I’m not. However, I have used this system many times for clients, so that counts, right? This is a great system for busy familys on the go. I have also used this in craft rooms, sewing rooms, hobby rooms, and mud rooms. The calendars shown above are great to place in a mud room inside each persons locker. It keeps their daily events in check, and no one forgets where to be!

4) Everyday in new ways:

Lid management, Martha Stewart

Not every home has a butlers pantry, or sufficient cabinet storage. I don’t know about y’all, but cooking pans turn tedious when it comes to their lids! One of my favorite tips (compliments of the Queen herself) is to use everyday towel bars from your home improvement store to organize your lids. I have used this system in free standing peices of furniture, and I have installed the bars directly on the walls in the kitchen or adjacent hall as functional art. Super easy to install and even better to use!


images: sycamore street, Oboiler, pottery barn, Martha Stewart