I am THE quintessential design savant when it comes to interiors. I know, I know, but what can I say it’s a gift! Last fall Dr Harr came to me with a set of blueprints, a plot of land and a dream. So like the good little designer that I am, I got to work.

Dr Harr is a dentist (OUCH!) and my visits to the dentist have not always been pleasant ones. As soon as my anxious, uneasy, apprehensive feet hit the floor of a dentist’s office Im gasping for air, sick with worry and swallowing a tizzy of uptight strung out jitters. I can’t think straight, and Im blurting out a range of high pitched carnival cruise line horn noises. Another words I get a bit squirrelly.
I wanted Dr Harr’s patients to feel at home when they walked into the door. I wanted the interiors to ooze contentment and ease. I wanted it to feel like an extension of their home.
The interiors consist of warm wood floors, stained trim, and oh so comfortable upholstery. Chocolate velvet on the sofa, creme chenilles on the side chairs, herringbone wool for the other side chairs, and brown leather for a quiet masculine nook. I even put a fluffy wool and flokati rug on the floor. The cocktail table is reclaimed, acid washed oak. With a weathered look and feel, kids can come in and shove magazines, toys, or any other items without hesitation. And for a little pop I installed two oversized black and white tables for either side of the sofa.
Now this may not be an ordinary reception area for a dentists office. But when Dr Harr came to me with his plans I knew right away the interior approach this needed. It needed to envelop every patient with a warm hug, encouragement, and a “no need to worry, your in good hands” touch!