Over the weekend I caught an article on Housublime on 25 inspiring bedrooms. Click Here for article
While all are beautiful examples of bedroom design, that would make anyone swoon for joy, several are major party fouls when it comes to Feng Shui. I say it all the time in my own practice, you can spend several thousand dollars on decorating your home, but if you don’t get the energy right, nothing else matters.
Here’s the thing, the things that are closest to you have the greatest affect on you, and my darlings, your bedroom is by far the closest thing to you. It’s a space you spend a third of your life in. Get the energy wrong and nothing will go right, no matter how damn expensive those Frette linens are. Beautiful energy is what creates a beautiful space. Forget this step, as most people do, and you’ll be wondering why shit keeps going wrong.
Too often people look to the external things; drugs, nutrition, fitness, therapy – whatever it is, but have you ever considered your home as a possible solution? In order to cultivate self, you must cultivate home.
OK- so what the hell am I talking about? The number one rule in Feng Shui is laying a proper foundation, which means being in a commanding position. Being in command allows you the ability to turn things around, see what’s coming at you in life and take life by the horns. If your bed is on the door wall, your head and back are to the wall, meaning life is coming at you full speed ahead and you can’t see the forest for the trees. In addition, you’ll experience a downturn in creativity, lack of opportunity, mood swings, anxiety and more. This is very hard on your adrenals and will result in a lot of health problems. Could it be this simple? Yep, it’s this simple.
Design your home to live your best life! That’s why my team and I always say, Design that’s energy aligned. Get the energy right and everything else follows, including the pretty! And let me tell you, when the energy is right your beautifully decorated space gets upleveled to a beauty that’s indescribable! 
Out of command = PARTY FOUL!
Out Of Command: (SOURCE: https://www.cheneybrothersbuilding.com) Please note our watermark is automatically popping up on these photos and we can’t seem to turn it off. These photos DO NOT belong to us. They are from Cheney Brothers Building.



I was recently hired by a gal here in Nashville to redo her bedroom. It was in need of some serious lovin’. The decorating was outdated and drab plus her bed was out of command. Her fear was that moving the bed around would place her in front of the window. But no fear! My team and I had a custom headboard made designed to hold her energy in, put her in command and give her a kickass space that screamed high style.

This custom bed holds her energy in. It provides a high back, and swoops around her so this window doesn’t deplete her energy.


Now that is what I call Design That’s Energy Aligned™!!

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