If you are wondering what to buy that special someone for Christmas this year I recently came across an online company Novica.com that has all kinds of great stuff. They are associated with National Geographic and provide a platform for global artisans to sell their unique, hand-made items to those who wouldn’t normally be able to reach them….like you and me. Novica basically bridges the gap between artisan and consumer.

When it comes to home decor I am finding it harder and harder to find items that are unique and one-of-a-kind, so I can appreciate an online store dedicated to items that are special. My industry is getting mass produced and knocked off faster and faster each year and the art of hand crafted products is quickly becoming a dying art. So I decided to order a Carnelian necklace to see how the process worked and I was curious to see if shipping from a place like India would be a difficult process. It took a little over a week to arrive but it was well worth the wait.

After opening the package I assumed the necklace would be in a plastic ziploc bag as most of the natural necklaces sold in the USA are sold this way. Again, to my surprise it was enclosed in a silk box.

The necklace is great and I’ve been wearing it everyday. But they also have really great rugs, home decor items, and furniture pieces. Not to mention really great Eco Friendly belts, earrings and natural flower jewelry. They also have a great selection of Quartz jewelry which is great in the winter time for an energetic pick-me-up! Definitely worth a look. For more info you can find them at their website: Novica.com

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