I am currently working with a lovely couple here in Nashville, helping to renovate and expand their home to accommodate them and their three children…(and yes Gretchen I am talking about you!)

We are taking their modest little home, with all it’s nooks, crannies, and idiosyncrasies (some good, some, well not so good) and making it awesome! One request by Mrs B, “I want a library, preferably in a loft.” Well, as I perused the internet this morning I came across this little gem. Holy cow, what a great space!

Lofty ideas

What do you think Gretchen, is this what you had in mind?

Here are a few more library nooks to swoon over.

Lofty libraries

Library nookThis photo above would make a GREAT music room, don’t you think?

Library nook

Just love this! Everything about it. Giving the books a respectful and beautiful little room to call home and plenty of windows to take in the view!

Library nook

A library needn’t be big. This is a perfect example of a reading nook to surround you with the things you love to read!

What are some of your favorite books?


images: Wide open spaces, architectural digest, decoraolgy, saved by the southern belle, design sponge