“I’m about to buy a new house, how do I apply Feng Shui to get the energy aligned?”

People email me all the time wanting to know how to get the energy right in their new home before they move in. Recently, my client Bethany reached out excited about her new home, but she wanted to make sure her new home felt like her old home. “Is there a protocol?” she asked.

Is it possible to get the the energy right and start the Feng Shui before you move in? Yes! In fact, it’s imperative that you get the energy and Feng Shui right before you move in because you don’t want to take on the previous occupants energy! New house Feng Shui will teach you how to clear out the negative energy, get your home’s energy aligned just right and show you how to set up a new home altar to get the Feng Shui just right!

There are 5 steps to getting the energy right before you move into a new home:

  1. Pay attention to the Front Door
  2. Deep clean the home
  3. Set up an altar
  4. Burn incense
  5. Set a clear intention

Homes and land hold energy. If a space is not cared for negative energy can linger and stick for millennia! If your new home had previous occupants that argued all the time, got divorced, saw trauma, experienced pain or any other Below the Cross Emotion™, and if you don’t clear it out you’ll step into those same emotions and not understand why you feel the way you do.

In the video I explain the five tips, along with detailed instructions on how to set up your new home altar!