I’ve been a homeowner for nearly fifteen years and one of the hardest things is managing ALL the paperwork on appliances, upgrades, repairs and more! My system of choice is to throw it all in the junk drawer. Now I will say that the items in the junk drawer are in a ziplock freezer bag. I mean, I’m not a heathen. But when it comes to actually FINDING anything it’s nearly impossible and requires a minimum of twenty minutes time to go through said ziplock and find the tiny receipt or post it note with the information I need.

New Home Journal - How to best record all your repairs and upgrades

Insert Laura Agaoni’s new book, the New Home Journal. Holy Cow! This book is the easier way to manage your home. Laura has done a terrific job laying out all the areas of a home and breaking it down into warranty info, paint colors, maintenance schedules, window treatment details, materials, appliances and more! All in one handy dandy book.

What I also love is all the fill-in-the-blank prompt and sketch instructions for each space of your home. Everything has been thought out so no detail is overlooked. And let me tell you, I have thrown away so many things or not written them down because I considered it insignificant only to learn years later it was a VERY important, very significant detail.

New home journal for all your repairs and maintenance

One such detail was our dishwasher. When we went to buy a new one I failed to realize that the handle on it would disrupt the fridge from opening. It had everything to do with a handle. Minute DETAIL. But now it’s written in my book, so if we ever sell the house the new homeowner won’t run into the same problem – which brings me to resale! How great would it be to hand this little gem over to the new homeowner?!

New Home Journal - How to best record all your repairs and upgrades

In fifteen years I’ve lived in two pre-owned homes that each had their own little quirks, (like the outdoor light switch housed in the exterior cabinet….ummmm, wait what?) It took us nearly TWO YEARS to find that switch! We gave up FIGURING that these lights would ever be used. Never again will a homeowner struggle with such details.

This is truly the must-have book to keep track of everything that goes on in your home! And what a great housewarming gift too!