Every year new things hit the home decor market and they are considered a trend until the market has had a chance to respond to it. Lately, that means most folks are going to respond as quick as a Debbie Gibson concert coming to town. However, if that trend is strong and the general public creates a demand, that trend officially becomes a movement. Like a Justin Bieber youtube video. (AHHhhh, it’s so exciting!) I saw this occur with the blue and brown trend, a color combo that was introduced in 2001/2002. My staff and I were utilizing this trend in our model homes in Las Vegas. Profiles given to us by the builder as to the type of homeowner that was considered their key target market to buy that specific home. Husband and wife, two kids, a dog….etc, as Leave it to Beaver as it gets.Most of our model homes were geared towards young urban couples, so we always used up and coming trends that were considered fresh and new. Blue and brown combos were just that. A small trend we were seeing in art and fabrics, but hardly anything we considered a craze. We had no idea that five years later the blue and brown trend would still be a very strong movement in home decor and still prevalent today. Apparently the market liked and demanded it!

In my opinion,( the one that really counts) trends in small doses are wonderful ways to update your home. They freshen it up, and don’t break the bank if they have ran their course. So what are this years fashionable trends in home decor that seem to have sticking power?

1) Horses

Black and white stallion

Yee-haw! OK not exactly. This has been a trend that I have seen growing in popularity in the last year. Now I realize that Ralph Lauren made equestrian lifestyles uber cool and chic as a brand, but not everyone feels they can hang a horse on the wall unless they live in Arizona, or Colorado. However my friends that is just not true! I have seen horses in many art galleries, accessories, and fabrics, all in very new chic ways. This piece above is a high quality giclee in a beautiful white and black textured canvas, stretched to 47×47. This piece would work beautifully in any style home, and is a great conversation piece in the dining room or family room. Can y’all say, Giddy-up!

2) Vintage Throws

Apartment therapy

Vintage sari throws

This trend started about two years ago and has progressively grown more and more popular. Vintage sari throws are hand stitched by women in India using fair trade practices, that pay them fairly for their craft. Sari throws are perfect blankets to keep in the family room, or bedroom to cozy up to. I recently added them to the store and they have been wildly popular. What I love most about them is they are very colorful, are similar to a quilts, but have a more updated and chic feel to them. They are also a fabulous way to add color and texture to a room that doesn’t have to match your existing decor, love that!

3) Wallpaper


This paper by anthropologie ,shown above, is actually two trends in one. (see pink below) Wallpaper, yes I said it, is a huge trend that is coming back in a big way. I know many people cringe at the thought, and have bad memories of floating fairies, or angelic fat babies floating in clouds with harps. You may even envision nightmares of trying to get the stuff off the wall with a belt sander and the cat, but wallpaper is making a huge comeback, and with new technologies in adhesives, you no longer have to worry about permanent damage to your walls, or end up with a hairless cat. Pretty, stylish and super fun. ( No harley’s were harmed during the typing of this post.)

4) Pink


Another huge trend, pink! Pink is a lovely color that is often overlooked, and underestimated. It is a soft, soothing color that is great in small doses around your home. It is a color that goes with everything,( yes everything), and is also an uplifting color. Couldn’t we all use a little of that in our homes?

5) Collections

Cocktail shakers

Sid DIckens memory blocks

Whether you collect cocktail shakers, art , or bugs in acrylic molds, collections that are displayed well are very smart for your bank account and great for home decor. Bugs in particular have been a huge growing trend in the home decor industry. I will spare you a picture because personally, they give me the creepy crawlies, but collections have become very cool. And I ain’t talking precious moments here. I am talking a collection of something that is vintage, uber cool or retains a value once no longer available. Take a vintage cocktail shaker. Great for booze, but even better as an investment,… some go for a cool stack of High society, (that’s 10 g’s for all y’all laymen’s) Cha-ching! Bugs? Well depending on what type, and who’s asking, can go for several hundred bucks. And art, well that always goes up in value. Sid Dicken tiles are one of my favorites. They are accessible to the masses at an affordable price, but once retired, go up in value. Some go for three to six hundred dollars! And since the banks can’t seem to give interest above two pennies a year, collections are definitely a trend I would invest in!

What are some of your favorite trends this year?

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images: AB HOME, apartment therapy, anthropologie

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