For any of those who have taken my Design Strategies classes, you know that I always mention nature. God did it right the first time. It is so inspirational, and a great way for YOU to get inspired. Without color, I would not be in business. It is the most perplexing componet to home decorating for 99% of homeowners out there. Many of my clients are truly gifted and talented people. They know exactly what they want, and have incredibly strong direction….until it comes down to the color. Then, suddenly the indecision sets in, the worry, the lack of confidence and finally the FEAR that the decision they do make will be the WRONG one! *gasp*

Natures inspiration

Now, I will say it is better to call me BEFORE you make the choice to paint the ENTIRE house the wrong color, however, with a little direction from the greatest artist ever (to catch those up to speed, we’re talking GOD here) nature…AKA GOD did it right the first time. For those that read my blog frequently y’all have heard me rant and rave about this before (like here). But more recently I had a class full of students and the question came up. “How do I get inspired?” “what if I have no idea what speaks to me?” My answer to that, look to nature. It is beautiful, inspiring, and breath taking. There is no original color palette. All of it can be found in nature, and if a space feels off…well it just aint natural! Here a few more inspiring shots to help you get inspired.


Yellows and orange

Blues and orange

blues and yellow

yellow, green and white

Perfect example of the four elements of color

So, are you inspired? I am still amazed at all the beautiful examples of color combos in nature. Everything that feels right, feels good, is from nature. If you cant get inspired by all the beautiful examples that surround us I may have to argue that you are broken. Nature is comforting and organic. It is why we gravitate towards earthy colors time and time again. Soil, earth, greens will never go out of style for that very reason.

What is your favorite combination?


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Harley and me

I keep telling you mom, I’m perfect! Black and white is just natural!

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images: Tumblr, blukat design, picsy, farm five, garden artistry, beautiful portals, Alain Richert

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