Blackberry Z10 by Verizon Wireless

I have now had my Verizon Blackerry Z10 cell phone for about two weeks. It is by far the best phone that I have had on the ambassador program and I like it’s functionality. I am new to the blackberry family so I am unable to compare it to past models as I know many of you were addicted to the original models. It is easy to navigate, intuitive and one of my favorite features is the keyboard, which I have heard was one of it’s original favorites from users. For me, it is easy to type on quickly and responds well.

Verizon Wireless Blackberry Z10 phone

The phone is a good size and has a screen size comparative to Apples iPhone 5. Another feature that I like is the Z10’s home screen. It has the top four things happening on your phone, giving you a snapshot of the “now”, and then swipes to the left for easy access to all the apps and features like twitter.

General use of the phone such as voicemail, texting and surfing the web has proven to be easy to do as well. I am still experimenting with the apps and music and I recently downloaded Apollo, which is a third party app for pandora (but it has been buggy.)

I have used the maps/navigation a few times but still learning the features. The camera has a lot of great features that haven’t been properly used by me, other than silly instagram uploads.  I suppose the cool camera is totally wasted on me.

So far I would give the phone an 8 out 10 rating. I give it an eight because of one feature I hate- it does not have a home button. In order to get out of an app or feature you have to wipe the screen from the lower left corner to the upper right corner. I find this to be annoying and I often hit a URL, or the like when I am in twitter or facebook or online and end up on another page I did not want to be on……still trying to finesse this!

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**As part of the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program, I received a free device and service in exchange for my honest opinions. Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own. **

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