Nothing was founded in 2009 by Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten, one of the most awarded creative teams in Europe.

Nothing is not an advertising agency, not a design agency, not a product innovation agency, not a brand experience, or a research agency. Nothing is whatever the client’s opportunities needs it to be. Thats why the term “commercial creativity” ie all ideas that help brands grow. It is essentially, Nothing.

Nothing is an Amsterdam-based, independent entrepreneurial agency that delivers innovation and commercial creativity for local and international clients out of a cardboard box. Literally. The Nothing office, built entirely of cardboard, was designed by internationally recognized designers Alrik Koudenburg ( and Joost van Bleiswijk. Yes ENTIRELY from cardboard!

Using the same method of construction as his No Screw No Glue project, van Bleiswijk created the interior using over 500 square metres of reinforced cardboard. The 1500 separate pieces were slotted together using NO GLUE or FIXINGS.

Michael Jansen says:
“Nothing is about the power of ideas, about how a single idea can transform nothing into something. Using a cheap throw-away material to build a unique and memorable work space, seemed a good way to materialize this thought.”

Nothing’s goal is simple: turn consumers into brand advocates by any means to hand. This approach sees Jansen and Korsten creating meaningful brand experiences ranging from product innovation and store design, to employee training programmes and, yes, even TV campaigns.
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