Always on the hunt for clever ideas to get us organized (in the easiest possible way) here are more Monday tips to keep you on track to organizational bliss!

1) Everyday items in new ways

Letter baskets

Take an everyday letter basket and hang on the back of your pantry door, or on a kitchen wall and place fresh fruit in them. Easy storage, attractive and super easy to use!

2) Jewelry Storage:

Jewelry organization

Using an old fruit box, pepsi box, or plain ol’ 2×4 wood, use a box with antique spools and create a beautiful display to hang and organize your jewelry and turn it into wall art!

3) Desk storage:

Desk storage

Using old tins, or containers place several tins in a desk drawer to organize everyday items in your office for easy access and efficient use. Martha Stewart has a beautiful version of this with antique bowls that can be used for jewelry, office tools, and keys.

Harley cat

Organization is key when storing kitty toys, otherwise you have no idea where they are. I suggest you have a decorative bowl like mine placed on a table, and make sure the human restocks it daily so at a moments notice you are ready to play! I don’t have time nor the patience to figure out where I left them….

Harley toys

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images: pinterest