I saw a quote on facebook last Friday that made me chuckle. “Why is Monday so far from Friday, but Friday so close to Monday?” Very good point indeed! Todays tips are clever tricks to repurpose everyday items into organizing workhorses.

1) Kids unused toys

Dollhouse organization

I just love this. From country living, this family repurposed their daughters old dollhouse into a functional yet whimsical storage shelf for their everyday nessesities in the laundry room. Super cute, great repurposing and very clever.

2) Antique blanket rack


From Marthastewart.com, here a clever use for a blanket rack. This homeowner uses her rack to hang towels for the kids. Not only is this pretty and unexpected, but also more functional than an ordinary towel rack.

3) Cookie sheets

Instant mudroom

From doll store crafts, this easy to make, instant mudroom is a clever way to repurpose everyday cookie sheets. Fill with river stones from a home improvement store and voila, you have yourself an easy to use tray to place wet or muddy shoes right off the most used door in your house. The best part? Easy to clean too!

What are some everyday items you use in a clever new way?

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