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Maria Killam – True Colour Expert

Maria Killam is an internationally sought after colour expert with a no-nonsense approach to color advise. She is a design blogger, author, trainer, decorator and stylist who is passionate about all things colour and design. Her blog, Colour Me Happy not only showcases her vast knowledge of all things color but also educates the masses on the do’s and don’ts of neutrals, and undertones in the finishes that surround us.

Maria Killam and Amanda Gates

Maria Killam and Amanda Gates

Colour Me Happy is one of the top 10 colour blogs in North America with a quarter of a million readers in over 150 countries worldwide. Today I sit down with the talented and innovative true color expert herself to discuss her passion for color, how she got started, and her fierce entrepreneurial spirit that will inspire all of you to be the best damn version of yourself – even if it means making a few mistakes along the way.


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