Back in March Miss BARBIE herself turned fifty. Doesn’t she look smashing for 50? How does she do it? How is she devoid of this economy and simple old age?

Mr. John Adler himself did a Malibu beach house in her honor , and he doesn’t come cheap! It raised a question. Could BARBIE survive on a beer budget; or GASP!, a strawberry wine budget? Could her life be as fabulous as cotton candy, and pink poodles if she had to use the word budget? Is budget in her vocabulary? And lastly, could she shop at Target and find her shoes at Payless, leaving the store with a smile?

I shutter to think how BARBIE could survive. So desperate for her Jimmy Choo’s, and her pink corvette. And Ken? Well he would find a new blonde, maybe even branch out to a brunette, driving around Malibu in her Maserati; after all Corvettes are so yesterday! How would BARBIE feel as Ken drove off with his new 25 year old?
Well as much as I would love to see this bitch go down, just once, in my heart of hearts (dig way WAY down) she is what dreams are made of. Every little girl gets it. The BARBIE fascination, and the all too dreamy eyes for Ken. A thing of “may all your dreams come true” with martini in hand, a smile on her face and twinkle in her eye. A pink EXPLOSION of all things wonderful and fabulous. And as much as I hate to subscribe to the BARBIE ideal (talk about exiting reality) I suppose it is good, at times, to enter into a world of all things pink, wonderful and fabulous, just for a moment, to get a prescription that is devoid of the economy, and old age!
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