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Hello friends!

I’m so excited that you are here. I love connecting with like-minded souls such as yourself. I hope you enjoyed the Love Your Body speaker series, and more importantly, I hope it made you more curious about the topic of Feng Shui. I have been practicing Feng Shui for twenty-two years. As I write that I can’t believe it’s been that long! You see, back in the ’90s when I was going to college, I was a pre-med student. You read that right. I had just graduated from Sac State with a degree in Biology and I minored in Microbiology. But the Universe, as it often does, had a different path for me. A trajectory I never saw coming! You see, my soon-to-be husband and I had purchased the worst house, in one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento. We had stars in our eyes, but unbeknownst to me, the stars had aligned and my house was speaking to me through my energy system. I started getting these weird breathing symptoms that I later learned were panic attacks. I also experienced my first fever blister, smack dab in the middle of my mouth. Little did I know these were direct communications from my homes’ energy telling me “Houston, we have a problem!” It wasn’t until I had yet another synchronistic event occur at a Borders book store, where a woman named Marlene introduced me to this strange-sounding F word. As I devoured several books on the topic I quickly learned that my breathing problems, fever blister, and other issues all stemmed from energy not flowing correctly. More specifically, my front door, or “mouth of Chi” as it’s known in Feng Shui, had been boarded up for eight months due to construction and remodeling efforts. Turns out my health issues were communication from my home that my Feng Shui was off!

After experimenting on my own home to astounding, and illogical results, I ditched med school and signed up for the first interior design program I could find – and as luck would have it, my space-planning instructor, Marcy, was a feng shui grandmaster. And it’s safe to say, the rest is history!

This workbook that I am gifting you today is a proprietary system I developed eleven years ago after countless clients telling me they were intimidated, confused, and overwhelmed by this F word. It took me years to simplify the process but from the research I conducted, after reading countless floor plans, I developed the Top 5 Disruptors™. If you learn nothing else about Feng Shui but these 5 principles I guarantee you you’ll fall in love with feng shui and it’ll be everything you need to drastically change your life. So grab a copy of the workbook, read it with an open mind, and continue to stay curious, because the answer to everything moving forward revolves around energy. Get the energy right and everything else follows! I guarantee it!

With love and shui,

Amanda Gates

Top 5 Disruptors Workbook

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