Because this is a design blog focusing on interior design, I always post things about up and coming ideas, design trends, decorating tips, and how-to’s. I rarely delve into my personal life because I have been told by my marketing “experts” that it is unprofessional and unfocused. My readers are looking for quick and easy tips to help them through their decorating woes, not a post on me stubbing my toe. Unfortunately for the experts I do not listen or take direction well, and my emotions have taken over and I am going to write what I feel today.
Very SAD.
Twelve years ago I was wandering aimlessly in the abyss of my twenties trying to figure out what to do with my life, pretending along the way that I knew exactly what to do with my life, (and I of course knew everything, but really knew NOTHING!). Recently engaged to Mr. B, I wanted to make our humble apartment cozy, so I got in my car and headed to the junkyard, I mean the pound, to find me a black and white kitty. My entire life growing up I had cats and every one of them was black and white. Apparently I have an affinity for them, and I just LOVE them!

Once at the pound I searched through all the young sporty models (AKA, kittens) and couldn’t find any that were black and white, nor were they special. When I turned the last corner I saw a black and white kitty that was full grown. The volunteer standing next to him was saying to a mother, “oh you don’t want this one, he has been returned twice for bad behavior.” I immediately went to his cage and told her I would take him. Fifteen dollars, and twenty minutes later, I was the proud mama of a cranky black and white, fluffy kitty; and he was perfect! Now all I had to do was convince the male figure (AKA Mr. B) that we HAD TO HAVE him. HAD TO!!!
At that time my soon to be husband was very athletic and addicted to all things Nike. So in an effort to convince and persuade the male figure that he was indeed perfect, I named him NIKE. I was so excited to have him. Perfect in every way I loved him up to the point of suffocation. Later that year we moved into a very large home, and ironically as I was standing at the pound looking for Nike’s new friend my now husband called me to come pick up an abandoned kitten from the vets office by his work. “Is he black and white?” I asked. “Yup, he’s perfect, you’ll love him,” Mr. B replied.
Ahem,….(Houstan we have a problem) he wasn’t exactly what I would classify as a Black and White. He was more a white, with a little black. But I quickly learned to love my sensitive, adorable white with black kitty, (named Inky) and ten years and several moves later we were one big happy, foursome. 
Then in 2008 the hubs and I returned from the post office and this came running up to us like we were long lost buds.
“Hello! Hi! I am cute can I come in?” the unknown kitty said.
“I have a very strict black and white policy. Unfortunately my dear, I don’t do tabby’s.” I replied.
“yea, ok lady. I’ll just sit here on this very comfy couch (in YOUR house) while you ponder that thought.”…. 
Ok, so 11 years, and one move later, we were one big happy and cuddly, fivesome. 
But in early 2009 my big kitty, (A.K.A-NIKE), was not doing very well. He was very lethargic, and loopy. After a visit to the vet we discovered he had diabetes. This last year and a half included many up’s and down’s with his health, and despite thousands of dollars of care, and medicines, my beloved boy gave up the good fight.
You can’t see me
It was unexpected and we were both devastated. I feel like I have lost my closest, and dearest friend, and that a decade of my life is gone. If any of you have pets, then you know what it means to lose your closest friend. Full of unconditional love, they are there through it all, no matter what. Good times, and bad. So as a reminder to all of those that read this blog, 
remember to love the ones you are with.

Here are some awesome photos of my kids over the years:

Seriously, no paparazzo
“…so you got it?,”
“yea, I got it,”
“So we have an understandin’ then?”
Lord has it been a long day, phew!
What was it you was sayin’? No tabbies? Uh-huh…
me be the queen sheba
Boys gone wild
Girls gone wild
Good night my love.
  You were perfect in every way and as I sit here sobbing, my heart stricken with greif, it is hard for me to beleive, even fathom that you are gone. Returned twice to the pound in those early days, they had no idea how special you were.  
You will forevermore hold a special place in my heart and I will love and miss you dearly.
Love always, and forever ~mama
I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.