Let’s Get Real

No really, Are you ready to get real? What does that even mean? Better yet, what does it stir up in your soul? Here’s the thing, if you are doing something that doesn’t really light you up, and drains you, you’re not doing your souls purpose. Maybe you have a hobby that makes your heart sing and you’re really, really good at it but you fear the unknown of actually doing it full time? If so, it’s time to get real! The truth about living an authentic life can be a hard nut to crack. Being authentic can be scary, and you might stir up feelings deep within you of getting kicked out of the tribe. Seriously, it’s in our DNA to be a part of the pact and not stir shit up, but what if you went with the flow, rather than against it and stepped into your natural gifts? What if?

Today my good friend Kim Salter and me sit down to discuss the truth about authenticity and what it’s like to truly embrace your gifts and get real. Sure, it can be hard to get real, but your purpose is to give back in big ways and that ain’t gonna happen through that soul-sucking corporate job.

Living an authentic life can be hard to step into. We know this because we’ve both done it. For over twenty years both of us took the logical, practical route, that was considered “the correct and right path.” But in doing this if you’re not careful you can lose yourself. And suddenly it hits you – BURNOUT! Do you know what your natural gifts even are? Most people think THAT ONE THING they love to do and that comes so naturally isn’t a gift. You tell yourself, “Oh it’s just something I LOVE TO DO, and I’m really good at, and it makes my heart skip a beat……but that’s impractical nonsense.” Beyond that most never consider the thing something that people would adore and pay you for. But that one thing you do so well that flows through you, rather than having to work for it is how you serve. This is who you are to the core.

Sit down with Kim Salter and learn about going from interior design to practicing full time as a gifted medium, and let’s get real about living an authentic life.

For more info on Kim or to set up a session with her, go to her website here: http://www.designthoughtsstudio.com