I had really IMPORTANT tasks to get done today. A whole list of VERY important “to-do’s” and “must get done”. That list, currently glaring at me from the corner of my eye, on yellow note pad paper, is giving me the stink eye as I roam about on the internet. Now in all fairness I have accomplished, lets see… five things on the list. That my friends is a GOOD day. A FOCUSED day. Never mind the fact that the list is two pages long, neither here, nor there. I will just turn my head that much further to the left. There all better.

Ok lets get down to it. As I mentioned I have been doing “research” on the internet (before that stupid list got in the way) to find something to inspire, captivate and intrigue me. Well my friends I have found it! If these pics don’t captivate your imagination I’m not sure anything can. This home, featured by HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, and written by Alexandria Mott is breathtaking. So pull up a chair, take a looksy, and pour yourself a cup of tea for our “Accomplished 5 things, and were done for the day” tea party!