Every year I proclaim that I am going to take the entire month of December off but that never happens. Instead, I am scrambling to wrap up client jobs to get them ready for the holiday festivities with their friends and family. This year is no different, however instead of saying the entire month of December I revised my plan include the last two weeks of December. I thought that if I wasn’t quite so ambitious with my goals it might be easier to achieve them, we’ll see how this goes.

Last minute holiday gift guide

What’s funny about this scenario is that everyone I know who works for a corporation dreams of being an “entrepreneur”. It’s the all-American dream to work for yourself, right? Choose when you work, make your own schedule and call all the shots. In theory it’s all very sexy. In reality it’s pure chaos. Your days become insanely hectic and long, you face challenges that you have no idea how to fix and you are completely limited on resources in every stretch of the imagination so you become skilled in everything from I.T tech guru to CEO to janitor.

I’ve worked for myself for twelve years. At this point I would be useless working for someone else, albeit I have one hell of a skill set that can go toe to toe with any “renaissance man”. One such skill I’ve acquired is last minute gift giving. The trick to giving meaningful gifts is to be as intentional as possible all year long. Meaning, you really pay attention to how people speak and what peaks their interest. I try to buy at every corner of the year, thinking of those that mean the most to me, however, I don’t always find exactly what I need. In anticipation I keep notes on my phone of things that get mentioned here and there. In those moments it can seem insignificant, however, when you are pressed for time and not sure what to get your most favorite person in the world, those notes become breadcrumbs to the best and most intentional gift ever!

Here are some items I’ve found for this seasons entourage of gift giving that are perfect for many reasons. So if you haven’t been able to find the perfect thing for the one you love here are a few suggestions that meet all my gift giving requirements: fun, functional, beautiful, useful and enjoyable. Let’s get gifty!

Last minute holiday gift guide

Click on the thumbnails below to find the items above. I’ve included links to all the items and where I found them along with a few additional items too! Happy gifting!

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