It was early in the morning and as I went through emails I noticed a designer reached out to me on twitter looking for an upholstery shop. She had just moved to Nashville and was struggling to find the necessary trades she needed for an upcoming job. I had never met her and had no idea who she was but I gave her what she needed, and proceeded to track down more info on this new Nashville designer by checking her out online. After visiting her website I was in love, and decided at that very moment Kim and I were going to be friends.

Who is she you ask?

Kim is the owner of Design Thoughts Interiors, an intentional design practice located in East Nashville. Like me, her design approach is all about the why. As we discuss in the podcast, many designers design for their portfolios and magazine pages, not rooms that need to be lived in. Designing with intention takes great care and more importantly time to learn about the who, what, and why.

Intentional design Design 101 podcast |

Originally from New York, Kim and her husband quickly realized that as great as New York was for them in their 20’s, it was no longer an ideal living situation with Liam, their son, who was an intention eight years in the making.

Kim Salter – Design 101 Podcast

Today I am excited to share with you how Kim creates intentional design, what that means in her own words, and her top three tips to starting a new project.

In today’s Episode we will cover:

  • How design chaos does not necessarily equal design success
  • How to avoid unrealistic goals
  • Ease does not equal laziness
  • How to stop creating stories
  • Why it’s important to create spaces with meaning
  • Thoughts behind things and connection to space
  • How to rid yourself of things that no longer serve you

Even if you are not a designer, this episode will teach you how to live each day with intention, find grace, and learn to let go of the things that no longer honor your authentic self.

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