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Kids have such a raw outlook on life. Everything to them is black and white, and extremely simple. What I love most is their untouched, unjudged and very open sense of creativity. Anything goes and everything is special with a ginormous story behind it. Their imaginations are truly inspiring. I love the idea of this art wall from A soft place to land. Not only does it encourage creativity but I love that the art has been framed. I mean really from a childs mind, it might as well be like making the front page of the New York Times!

Time capsule

Absolutely love this idea from Liz @ Say yes to hoboken. She created a time capsule for 2010 to ring in the New Year. I would take this a step further and fill a mason jar every year for the new baby, the new house, or the newly weds. What a great way to capture a year of memories, and put them on beautiful display!



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I am starting my time capsule for 2011….Think I’m awesome? Me too! Find me on facebook!

images:a soft place, say yes to hoboken

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