The keys to making it as a profitable artist with Taylor Spellman

Today’s guest is what I’d call a true renaissance woman. Throughout her career she learned how to pivot and make tough decisions in order to persevere. She’s none other than Taylor Spellman from Bravo T.V, Yours, Mine and Ours.

The keys to making it as a profitable artist

Originally a dancer from Connecticut, Taylor made her way to New York City to make it big in a field she thought she was good at. What she quickly learned was that she had been a big fish in a small pond and in New York that no longer applied. She quickly adapted and decided to pivot into interior design. What makes Taylor different than most is that instead of getting a degree in design she pursued a degree in business; probably one of the best moves she could have made.

The keys to making it as a profitable artist

Interior design is a tough animal. Sure, from the outside it looks fun and creative but for those in the know, it’s only about 10% creativity and 90% business and management. If you don’t have a mind for math your business will never be profitable, a concept that many interior designers quickly learn the hard way.

On today’s show Taylor and I will talk about:

  • Pivoting from a starving dancer to a thriving designer
  • Making a profit and why it matters
  • Managing client expectations
  • Pricing and confidence
  • The value in design
  • Retail vs Custom design
  • And becoming a TV host seven years in the making.

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