In today’s busy world taking care of your house may seem daunting, but have you stopped long enough to think about what she’s showing you? What she’s telling you through her systems? I know, sounds totally weird right, but if you pay closer attention you’ll often realize how in sync you and your home really are. That’s why it’s funny to me when people ask

‘What does Feng Shui have to do with interior design?

That’s like asking me what fitness has to do with over all health. They are essentially one in the same. To have good feng shui is to have a happy, healthy, home.

If we looked at our body like a house, the furnishings would be the blood and Feng Shui the creed we honor to feed our soul. Think about it, many of us practice sacred beliefs to help guide us through life and bring us peace. Whether through prayer or meditation, time to yourself, fitness or anything in between, we all seek balance and harmony in any way we can.

But what about your home?

Doesn’t she deserve to feel happy and healthy too?

Many of us forget to care for our home and spaces the way we care for ourselves. But here’s the rub, you two are one in the same. Yep. Like peas and carrots. If your home isn’t happy and healthy she isn’t cheering for you and helping you achieve your goals. Instead, she acting out, causing problems and showing you where things are going wrong in your own life.

There’s a voice that’s always speaking, are you listening?

Does your house have positive vibes

When your home is healthy you feel immense joy and she helps you along your journey. If you’re sick, it shows up in your home by way of leaky pipes, an HVAC that’s in disrepair, cluttered thoughts and more. Take a look around and take stock of what’s going on in your life. Are you suffering from asthma? Are your emotions out of whack? Are your finances constant slipping away? How’s that partnership you’re in?

If you feel like things aren’t showing up in a positive way it’s time to love on your house and give her the care she deserves. I promise you when you’re cheering her on and giving her the love she deserves shel’ll cheer back in unimaginable ways and propel you into your goals like a rocket!