Is the shape of your home challenging your Feng Shui energy?

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ve heard me talk about my proprietary system, The Top 5 Disruptors™. The reason I developed this system was to help each and every one of you  get started in Feng Shui. The number one complaint I hear about Feng Shui is, “The information is conflicting, I’m confused and I’m overwhelmed.” Even if you swear to me that you have no intuitive skills, this is a tangible system that helps you get started on your Feng Shui today. As an advanced practitioner I can work with a client for five months and still not touch on every possible energy alignment technique possible, but the Top 5 are my go-to’s every time!

But remember, each and every one of you has your own unique Chi and each home has her unique Chi, so the Top 5 can get you unstuck RIGHT NOW and put your butt to work to start working on said Chi, fast.

One of the top 5 is Shape. You have to understand that in order for energy to work correctly it has to be able to meander in a free flowing state, without restrictions. If you’ve listened to my podcast or watched my YouTube channel I liken our lives to a garden hose. If your life is amazing and flowing, you’re working with a great hose! But if life feels like it’s barely trickling, causing you angst and frustration, your garden hose is kinked!

If your home has an odd shape it can make Chi meander in an imbalanced, frustrating way similar to the experience of a kinked hose. With energy kinked your life feels dull and stuck and it can affect your health in unexpected ways. All around frustrating and stressful.

This past weekend while working with a home buyer she fell in love with this home. It’s a beautiful home, however without a trained eye, this home has the potential to be a booby trap that could prove to be challenging over time. Does anything stand out to you?

Ideally, a home should be square, rectangular or even round. With an exceptionally large extension on one side this homeowner is definitely going to experience challenges in their finances, not only because the extension represents wealth, but this home resonates to an 8 vibration. (The address is 1106. 1 + 1 + 6 = 8). An 8 vibration can be a huge plus for an entrepreneur, CEO or successful business person. It represents wisdom, and stability in finances, but cautions us that through it’s shadow side it can bring on personality traits of manipulation, control and restriction. Plus, an 8 also vibrates to the planet Saturn which is all about restriction! So if we combine the Chi of the home with the Chi of the vibrational energy of the address, a story is starting to unfold about the Chi we can expect. Cue the Jaws music now……

This could show up as a severe risk taker always on the edge of losing it all, or someone who is so fearful of losing it all they hold tight to the point of insanity. Either way the scales are never balanced. Wisdom gets thrown out the window and money becomes an exhaustive, stressful and challenging roller coaster that will most definitely put a strain on relationships and health.

So you’re likely all thinking, can this be fixed? Absolutely. My approach to this would likely be through landscaping design that’s energy aligned. But it will depend entirely on the energy of the new homeowner and the energy that’s already existing in the home. Are they a risk taker? Or are they risk adverse? How is the relationship? How has the relationship been? Do we know anything about the previous owner and what they experienced?

Feng Shui is never a one sized fit all approach despite what the Internet tells you. You must take into consideration all aspects of Chi, meaning the Chi of the home, you and your family. Not to mention when buying a new to you home, the Chi of the previous occupants! Always, always, always follow the Chi. You would never call your doctor and say “my arm hurts” and then she proceeds to give you what she gave her previous patient for their broken toe. Always look at the bigger picture and always get more information. Feng Shui is a beautiful tango dance of paying attention, asking lots of questions and listening for the perfect answers for that home.

P.S – If you’re wanting to better understand the energy in your own home or are about to buy or sell a home, be sure to check out my Fast Shui service. As long as you’ve got a floor plan and an address I can read the energy from anywhere in the world!

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