I get asked this question a lot: “Is feng shui always perfect?” Well, not exactly. And that answer isn’t what people like to hear. It can be hard to understand especially when you’re expecting to change your life and your Feng Shui gets downright messy. But here’s the rub, energy is neither good nor bad, it’s literally the definition you give it. And when it comes to energy work, like Feng Shui, the goal is to get rid of what no longer serves you and place you in your highest good. The bad news is, it may not always look and feel like rainbows and pixie dust. You may feel like you’re getting lost in the weeds going nowhere- when in actuality you’re headed exactly in the right direction! But you won’t know that until you arrive at the destination, look back and go “Ohhhhh, that’s why that had to happen so that I could meet this person, or get this opportunity.”

The Universe is a funny thing. I liken it to the adult parent who has our best interest at heart, and has a perspective far greater than our own, despite us thinking otherwise. Here’s a great example. I remember years ago when I was still in high school my mom (an E.R nurse) got a 4 year old in her E.R covered in cactus. She had fallen down a hill and landed in a bed of prickly pears. She was screaming in agony. Her parents were mortified and just wanted to comfort her but they knew this was far beyond their capability. That little girl ended up being in the E.R all night. It took doctors and nurses all night to pull all the tiny thorns from her skin. While the doctors and nurses WERE HELPING her, that little girl felt brutalized and was in pain and discomfort. But in the grand scheme of things, she was out of that E.R and healing in less than a day.

When it comes to energy work it isn’t always unicorns and rainbows. But the Universe will take every measure to get you to where you want to go in the shortest path possible, (to get you the results you want) – assuming you do the work, heed the warnings and stay on course. Which can be hard, right?

How do you know you are on course? Well, it’s about tapping in, getting the energy right and paying attention. For example, I recently had a great conversation with my friend and intuitive Laura Powers. She said your goal may be to move to a new city and the message from spirit is that you need to cut out wheat. It seems unrelated so you ignore it, when in reality the message is to cut wheat so your energy system can cleanse and detox, raise your vibe and attract the new location!! Holy cow! Makes perfect sense, right?

Today I talk about what real feng shui looks like and how despite it seemingly going nowhere, and feeling messy, its setting you up for success! Here’s an example from my own experience!

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