About a week ago, Kelly Berg from Arte Styling announced that Colorpodz would now be offered on iTunes. Like the bashful, samurai designer I am, I discreetly yelled in her ear how fabulous and exciting this all was and that “I WOULD LOVE TO SIT IN WITH Y’ALL ONE DAY!!!!” With such a quiet footnote of elation I doubted that anything would come of it, and brushed it off as if I was too busy anyway….after all I’m a VERY busy person.(insert dejected sigh here)

Well yesterday, Mrs Kelly herself emailed me and said she was not the one in controlling power, and I needed to talk to the Grand Poobah, Mrs Lori Sawaya from Color Budz. So I shot Lori a quick little note saying “I WOULD LOVE TO SIT IN WITH Y’ALL ONE DAY!!!!” Poor gal must of felt bad for me because she said YES!! Hooray!

Colorpodz is a 35-45 minute podcast of 3 professionals who talk shop about color. They cover various topics, generally related to color, from color psychology to color design, and our upcoming podcast  will be on lighting and how it effects color!

Lori Sawaya

Lori, AKA Grand Poobah, host/producer/master mind, is a color strategist and principal owner of Color Strategies. She has over 20 years of experience in color, and she offers multi disciplinary guidance in an array of architectural color, color psychology, color classes, and she is a writer, and speaker.

Kelly Berg

Kelly is a wonderful Color Expert out of San Francisco, California. She has achieved numerous things in the design world from recipe development for a lifestyle company, produced projects for HGTV, set decoration and many residential and commercial projects. You can see more about how ridiculously fabulous this gal is at her web page, Arte Styling.

Rachel Perls

Rachel Perls from HUE is also a bay area color consultant, fine artist and colorpodz host. She teaches color theory, and helps select colors for your home or business.

I am so EXCITED to be amongst such wonderful talent and look forward to our discussion on one of my FAVORITE categories, lighting! We are taping on the 9th, but Lori said it takes a few weeks to edit and get it live, so I will keep you posted as the story unfolds!

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