I have done many posts on scale and explained why it is important to our interiors. And if you have taken my Design strategies class, you know I put a lot of focus on this subject. You see, when it comes to decorating your home, scale is what creates harmony.  Without harmony your home just feels off! Ever walked into a home and it just didn’t feel right…but you couldn’t quite put your finger on why?

Today I show some wonderful examples of beautiful rooms with poor scale, and awesome examples of how to correct it!

1) Lamps-this is MY BIGGEST pet peeve. Lamps should not be smaller than 30″. If your lamp is below your bed, side table, end table, etc….how the heck are you suppose to read? or see for that matter!?

Beautiful room, poor scale

So this is an example of poor scale (shown above)

Good scale

This is an example of good scale (shown above). This lamp is ABOVE the furniture setting and can be utilized to SEE!

2) Coffee tables-Pet peeve number 2! I cannot stand it when I see teensie-weensie cocktail tables in front of furniture arrangements. We walk around these peices to sit, so why would I want them to bite me in the process? Is there anything worse than getting shazzammed in the shin as you go to sit on the sofa? I think not! Stay away from the pint sized midget furniture.

Poor scale

Very, very poor scale (shown above). Too short, too small, too pointy! Screams ouch all the way around!

Proper scale

Great scale, soft corners, correct height and perfect scale with the over all room!

I have found that most people instinctually choose proper scale. Why? Becuase it feels better and more comfortable. As I mentioned above, when the scale is off it makes us uncomfortable, and looks funny. Where most people get themselves into trouble is when they blindly go into a store or shop through a catalog and buy something without measuring, and not taking into consideration their own room. Always measure what you are about to buy, and always keep in mind how that item will fit into YOUR room.

What is the most confusing thing about scale for you?


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images: digs, good girl gone glad, houzz, french by design